Adventist Amateur Radio Association International

Big plans are underway for the quinquennial Pathfinder Camporee in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, August 13-17, 2019. For the past several occasions, AARAI has sponsored a ham radio booth there. While it is not possible to give license classes in such a short time, we have had a nice display and radio setup, and have even offered VE testing.

As groups come through we show a 15-minute film from ARRL and have a live radio demo. In addition, one of our members in Oregon, Doug Ausmus, AG7OG, is seeking to organize a field-day type of setup in various parts of the campus, where ham radio will become very visible to all. And he is going to need lots of help! Please contact Doug at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested. As far as booth staffing, we will have myself plus Wendell Paypa, AE6WR, and his family, and possibly one or two others. The booth is only 10 x 20, so we are somewhat restricted for space.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated, as well as your donations to help defray our expenses.

Your Support is Needed

We are now able to accept donations via PayPal! A simple click on the icon below is all it takes. Your contributions are very important to us, whether cash donations or equipment. Sometimes we are able to provide a radio to a needy missionary or other individual. In addition, we have expenses for our website, office supplies, and many other things.

With the right funding, we could add ASI conferences and the like, but it all depends on the generosity of our members and friends. We have many other expenses for web hosting, office expenses, etc.