Adventist Amateur Radio Association International

The 2018 QSO party is scheduled for February 18, 2018.

0200 UTC February 18 to 0200 UTC February 19 - (2100 EST February 17 to 2100 EST February 18)

UPDATE (12/14/17):  40M contest frequency changed from 7.265 to 7.192 due to interference from European Broadcast Stations during the contest

Eligible Participants: Licensed amateurs who are members of the Adventist Amateur Radio Association International or who regularly participate in Adventist Amateur Radio Association International nets or Bible study groups. 

Object: To QSO as many different members of the Adventist Amateur Radio Association International located in as many US states, Canadian provinces, and other DXCC entities as possible. 

Full rules (updated) and log sheet attached!

Download this file (2018 QSO Rules V1.1.pdf)2018 QSO Rules V1.1.pdf[2018 SDA QSO Rules updated]114 kB
Download this file (SDA QSO Party Log 2018.xlsx)2018 Log Sheet[2018 SDA QSO Log Sheet]14 kB

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