Adventist Amateur Radio Association International

Contest Periods

0100 UTC March 21 to 0100 UTC March 22

(Saturday 2100 EDT March 20 to Sunday 2100 EDT March 21)
(Saturday 1800 PDT March 20 to Sunday 1800 PDT March 21)

Eligible Participants

Licensed amateurs who are members of the Adventist Amateur Radio Association International or who regularly participate in Adventist Amateur Radio Association International nets or Bible study groups or licensed amateur SDA’s who want to take part in QSO Party.


To QSO as many different members of the Adventist Amateur Radio Association International located in as many US states, Canadian provinces, and other DXCC entities as possible.


Operation is restricted to 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters. Suggested operating frequencies are on or within 5 kHz of 3973, 7165, 14328, 21405, and 28320 kHz. Cross-band operation is not permitted.

Full Rules and Log File

Please see the attached documents for the full rules and log file.

Download this file (2021 SDA QSO PARTY RULES.docx)2021 SDA QSO PARTY RULES.docx[2021 QSO Rules]17 kB
Download this file (SDA QSO Party Log 2021.xlsx)SDA QSO Party Log 2021.xlsx[2021 QSO Log]17 kB
2020 SDA QSO Party Stats:
  • 7- # of stations submitting scoring logs
  • 12- # of states contacted
  • 18- # of stations participating
  • 110- # of contacts made during the contest
2020 SDA QSO Party Scores for Logs Submitted:
  • N3EYF (Bill)- 111 pts.
  • K5UMH (Ray)- 133 pts
  • N4MSO (Bob)- 141 pts
  • WA5JR (John)- 144 pts.
  • K3LJP (Jim KW8T)- 186 pts.
  • WA9ZHP (Roger)- 188 pts.
  • N6RPH (Garth)- 223 pts.
  1. Only 2 points separated 2nd and 3rd place finish
  2. Only 3 points separated 4th and 5th place finish
  3. I don't know if any other countries were worked during the contest
  4. It was good to see some contacts were made with W8FEM (Dick Sowler). I heard him but was not able to make contact to enter him in my scoring log.
  5. Participation was much improved from the 2019 SDA QSO Party
Download this file (2020 SDA QSO PARTY RESULTS.xlsx)2020 QSO Results[Results (Excel Worksheet)]1014 kB

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